Tips to Shoot Better Pictures with HTC Desire 826 Dual SIM Smartphone

HTC Desire 826 has become one of the most popular HTC Smart phone’s in the Indian market. It comes with features that are generally seen in more expensive phones; but by far, the most attractive HTC Desire 826 features are its cameras. Both its front and rear cameras are 13MP shooters, and both capture stunning pictures with their excellent hardware.

The camera application comes with some unique specs that can be utilised to capture even better pictures. If you are planning to get one, make your purchase more affordable with NBFCs including Bajaj Finserv and pay for it on easy EMIs.

Now, let’s take a look at some tips for clicking better photos with an HTC Desire 826.

With the primary camera –

HTC Desire 826 offers an auto mode that uses advanced algorithms to determine the best configuration. It also comes with automatic focus and exposure controls.

Tip 1: Focus on the subject before shooting

Tap on the screen to focus on your subject while taking a picture. Wait till it focuses, and then click the photo. When you take a picture of a moving object, tap and hold your subject on the viewfinder to lock focus. The Desire 826 will focus on the subject and track the distance changes to keep them in focus.

Improve the picture’s sharpness from the camera settings. You can also do it after taking the picture in Photo Editor. However, it is better to sharpen a blurry image while clicking it to retain its original quality.

Tip 2: Notice the ambient light

HTC Desire 826 will automatically adjust the brightness if you are taking a picture in auto mode. If the image appears dark, you can manually adjust the brightness for better results. Tap on a well-lit part of your subject. Your phone will automatically bring it to a balanced exposure as it compensates for the extra light. Remember to shift your focus back to the subject after this process.

Alternatively, you can activate night mode to take pictures with more light. Remember to steady your phone against something; otherwise, you may get a blurry picture. The HTC Desire 826 offers an HDR mode for subjects that are in different exposure. Make sure to place the phone on a surface when you use it in HDR mode.

Tip 3: Colour adjustment

You can adjust the colours under ‘Image adjustments’ in camera settings. Here, you will find a ‘setting’ bar to change contrast, saturation, sharpness, etc. before you take the picture. You can also use ‘grid’ options from the settings. Grid mode helps improve focus as well as the composition of a picture.

With the selfie camera –

The Desire 826 can take excellent selfies with its 13MP front-facing camera. Its camera app comes with pre-loaded options that allow you to further adjust the photos while and after shooting.

Tip 1: The smart phone features a portrait scene that helps smoothen your face when you take a selfie. It reduces blemishes and enhances skin tone to give a natural and radiant look. It is available in the selfie mode in the camera settings. Tap on the icon that looks like a person to activate portrait mode.

The HTC Desire 826 has live makeup features for selfies. It adds touch-ups to your skin making your selfies even more beautiful. You can apply it through the camera app while taking the picture.

Open the camera application, and go to its settings. Tap on the gear cog symbol to reach other settings. You will find a make-up level selector there. Increase or decrease it to adjust your skin smoothening level.

Tip 2: You can also give your selfies a mirror effect. It will change the angle just like you see yourself in the viewfinder.

To activate this setting, tap on the 3 dot menu on the selfie camera’s viewfinder. Tap on the gear cog and go to camera options. Switch on ‘Save mirror image’ option, and your camera will adjust your selfie’s angle.

Tip 3: HTC Desire 826 comes with the option to take a selfie automatically. Its camera will detect ‘no motion’, or its subject’s smile to trigger the picture. To switch on this setting, go to the camera app and switch to its selfie camera. Tap on the 3 dot menu and go to camera settings. You will find ‘Auto Selfie’ option there. Select it and return to the viewfinder. Once it is on, take a selfie automatically just by doing any of these –

  • Looking at your camera
  • Staying still until a focus box turns green in the viewfinder screen
  • Smiling while looking towards the camera

HTC Desire 826 is a mid-tier Smart phone offering attractive features at an affordable price.

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