The secret of SEO success in 2019?

SEO is a progressive field that keeps on changing. With a lot of changes at the same time, it can be really difficult for you to work with then if you still work over outdated strategies. The chances of getting high success rate can only be increased if your SEO strategies are according to the latest SEO trend. Seo is a good option for the career as well if you want to learn digital marketing Services there are lots of Digital marketing institute in Panchkula.

Here we are going to discuss the top SEO techniques to help get the highest rank and increase the number of visitors.

Before we start with the details of improving the page rank, firstly start with current page ranking. We first check the keyword based page ranking using keyword rank checker tool. If ranking is high then it means you have more organic traffic on your website.

Effective SEO Techniques To Drive Organic Traffic in 2019

  1. Improve user experience across your site.
  2. Focus on the topic cluster instead of keywords
  3. Build a variety of backlinks
  4. Perform technical optimization
  5. Know how to measure your SEO performance from time to time

Improve User Experience Across Your Website

When any user searches for any data on any search engine, the search engine wants to the best result to its user, by showing them the list of relevant results.

Here are some SEO techniques you can use to improve the user experience and boost your content in the search engine:

  1. A) Make your post easy to read

Optimize your web content to increase the readability.

Always remember:

More people reading your content = low bounce rate=higher organic ranking.

Follow these formatting tips to increase the readability of your content:

— Shorter paragraphs: Minimize the limit of your paragraph to 3-4 sentences. It should be a group of 3-4 sentences related to the one main idea.

— Mixed Sentences lengths:  Mix long sentences with short and medium sentences.

— Sub Headings: Use sub-headings to break down long paragraphs and navigate the reader throughout the content.

  1. B) Use the bucket brigade technique to get the user interestOriginally the “bucket brigade” refers to the chain of people passing water buckets to extinguish the fire. Now it is a copywriting technique designed to get the interest of readers in reading the content so that they keep reading the rest of the page.
  2. C) Use Reverse pyramid style

Using this method meant to give the most valuable information at the top of the content and follow it with the less valuable content further.

  1. D) Analyze page designs

Try to minimize the bounce rate by enhancing the good user experience.

2.) Focus on the topic cluster instead of keywords

You can rank yourself on any search engine by simply creating keyword focused content. Here are a few things you things you need to consider the following points:

  1. A) Know your target Audience

The type of content you will create will depend on the type of audience you are targeting, their location, age, and interest, etc.

  1. B) Organize content into clusters

Organize your content into themes. Break down your content into topic and clusters.

  1. C) Research keywords

Once you have the organized content, do keyword stuffing in the content.

3) Build a variety of backlinks

the backlinks are very important aspects of SEO, and still, links are considered number one of the factor which determines the search rank. Make you sure you build the quality links because low-quality links can badly harm your website.

4) Perform technical optimization

— Switch to HTTPS

If you do not have a safe website then it will affect the number of visitors.

— Enable the accelerated mobile pages

5) Know how to Measure your SEO performance from time to time

You can use these 3 tools to check the exact performance of your website:

  1. A) Data Studio
  2. B) Wayback Machine


SEO is rapidly changing from one year to other, with constantly changing algorithms and ongoing changes in search engine webmasters.

If you are looking for SEO, there are countless digital marketing company in Chandigarh. Keep your self updated with ongoing day to day updates and keep your site high ranking.

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