By | January 4, 2018

The ai???Pokemonai??? franchise has been ongoing for decades now with new games out almost every year. From the very first games on the GameBoy Advance, it has always been on turn-based combat with each Pokemon learning a set of moves with limited usage. But now, rumors for the new Pokemon game on the Nintendo Switch will actually be dropping this traditional combat mechanics.

We never really complained seeing our favorite Pokemon cartoon and anime series featuring combat that could not be done on game consoles. Maybe back then we would be satisfied by simply strategizing our Pokemon and their moves depending on the enemy Pokemon turn by turn. Now that more and more new technology have been released, we would sometimes stop and wonder why Pokemon games feature a more real-time action combat.

Hopefully, that will soon happen with the upcoming Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch. Yes, you read that right. Rumors are saying that the latest game would featureAi??real-time action combatAi??instead of the traditional turn-based gameplay.

This is not something entirely new given that the Switch also has Pokken Tournament DX. However, it still is an entirely different experience given that in Pokken, you control Pokemon without exactly the existence of a trainer.

Simply put, try making a game out of the Pokemon anime; being able to become a trainer with Pokemon that you control: dodge, attack, or reflect enemy attacks. The rumors were first brought up by a Pokemon fan site, PokeJungle. Aside from the new combat mechanics, they have leaked some new features in the new Pokemon Switch game.

It is said it will no longer feature Mega Evolutions but it will still have the Z moves. These Z moves can apparently be triggered with some combo motions on the Joy-Cons. The plot of the game will also be revolving around finding the balance between innovation and tradition; a theme perfectly aligned with the new combat mechanics change.

The game allegedly is also set in Spain or Italy. The director of Game Freak, the developers of the Pokemon games we all love, apparently took trips to Spain. This also follows the latest Pokemon movie where Ash is seen wearing a jacket with a collar inspired by Spanish styles. With these clues, it does seem quite believable, at least this part of the rumors may likely be true.

If you are one who doubts PokeJungle, then that is definitely no problem. The only reason for many people to consider their leaks is that they too were the ones who leaked some storylines for ai???Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra They said that Giovanni would be back in the game as well as some plot for the new Rainbow Rocket organization.

Even then, leaks and rumors are still just leaks and rumors. We would not know about the new changes until any announcement has been made. Until then, it still is a nice thought getting a real-time combat for Pokemon. generic doxycycline, generic zithromax.

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