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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are filled to the brim with brand-new little side quests and events that make the world feel a whole lot more lively. Here are seven of the most memorable, bizarre encounters inA�Pokemon Ultra SunA�and Ultra Moon, and the rewards youa��ll get for completing them.

1. The Regretful Bellhop

This mana��s one goal in life is to be the best bellhop he can be. To prove it, he dutifully stands besides the entrance of theA�Tide Song Hotel, only to lament on not landing the bellhop job at theA�Hano Grand Resort. His helpful manager inside suggests showing him aA�Magmar, producing a strange, and hilarious, reaction. The bellhop, reminded of his encouraging mother by the Magmar, gifts you aA�CharcoalA�for your trouble.


2. Starmie Staring Contest

A trainer has been onA�Route 16a��sA�beach for a full week straight in support of his Starmiea��s winning streaka�� at staring contests. No, it doesna��t have eyes, so it should be impossible for Starmie to lose, but that doesna��t stop nearby Pokemon likeA�CorsolaA�andA�SlowpokeA�from challenging it. If you want to do this poor trainer a solid and bring along a Pokemon that knowsA�Tickle, likeA�Mime Jr., hea��ll reward you for freeing him from his cheerleader duty with aA�comet shard.

3. Pyukumuku in Love: Mukeo and Mukiet

At night onA�Hano Beach, youa��ll find a loneA�PyukumukuA�lamenting his lost Pyukumuku lover, Mukiet, who was probably tossed into the sea by a careless part-time Pyukumuku Chucker (aka, you).A� Reuniting them is a kind deed, and youa��ll be rewarded with a valuableA�big pearlA�and a comedic conclusion to the dramatic story.

4. Your Friendly Neighborhood Mimikyu
Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Official Mimikyua��s Exclusive Z-Move Unveiled Trailer
Returning toA�Acerolaa��s Trial SiteA�at night will have you stalked a�� byA�Mimikyu! Venture deeper into the mart for a chance to show your true colors. Be nice to Mimikyu and ita��ll become a fast friend who will greet you at the Abandoned Minimarta��s entrance from that moment on. Play with Mimikyu whenever you want! Plus, youa��ll get Mimikyua��s exclusiveA�Z-Crystal, Mimikium-Z.
5. Seven Mysteries

There are seven rumors about theA�Trainersa�� SchoolA�at night, giving everyone a good scare. This one is a bit longer a�� and spookier a�� than most, and involves encounters with various misunderstood Pokemon likeA�Grimer,A�Gastly, andA�Hypno. However,A�DrifloonA�are actually known to be filled with stolen souls, and its evolution is said to carry people away to the afterlife. Yikes. Youa��ll get a pair ofA�Wise GlassesA�for solving these mysteries, so perhaps ita��s worth the risk!

6. Dewpider and the Sweaty Dad

A girl inA�Malie GardenA�has been gifted aA�DewpiderA�by her father, but she isna��t too happy about it. Why? Its ability makes it perpetually wet a�� just like her sweaty dad! After battling with it, she begins to form a bond with the little moist Pokemon, but then her dad hops out from nowhere, bathing everyone in the vicinity with droplets of sweat. Gross, and fiveA�Net BallsA�arena��t that great of a reward, but at least you helped a girl and her Pokemon and got a free showera�� kind of.

7. The Hair Obsessed Lady

A woman from another region inA�Konikoni CityA�is obsessed with finding a local Pokemon rumored to have the most fabulous hair. Alolan Dugtrio fits the bill with its long, luxurious blonde locks. Show one to her to get aA�Dire Hit.

Shea��ll have anA�Alolan DugtrioA�of her own if you visit her later, but it doesna��t like hera�� because she isna��t blonde. Return with a long mane ofA�honey blonde hairA�yourself to cause the brunette-hating Alolan Dugtrio to riot with happiness at your fabulousness. The hairdresser will gift you aA�Soft SandA�for making her stunning Pokemon happy. Who knows if Dugtrio will ever actually warm up to the hairdresser without a dye-job of her own, though!

These were just a few of our favorite bizarre encounters, but there are many, many more to find in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moona��s Alola Region.

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